A team from ADRA Ecuador is currently travelling to Pedernales (focus for initial response) to conduct an initial assessment. They are also activating their national emergency management project (NEMP) with an appropriate response level, which will enable to them to respond quickly. Immediate needs will be for emergency food kits and hygiene items. Local church members are also working closely with ADRA, acting as coordinators for local donations of food and clothing. The ADRA South America regional office is evaluating the need to deploy emergency response team (ERT) members, and a wider response from ADRA’s international network may become a possibility. Local members have collected 3 tons of food. Updated (24th): Active in Pedernales on the 20st, Quevedo 22nd, Pedro Carbo 22nd, San Isidro on the 22nd, Portoviejo on 20st, Manta Muisne on the 20st, Jama on the 21st, Quito 21st, Salinas 21st and in Guayaquil in the 21st, where they have been preparing and distributing donations. ADRA technical team moves into the city of Santo Domingo to establish a base of operations on the 20th. On Saturday, 23 April, adra is mobilized to San Isidro to carry out the delivery of 400 kits of food and water.