Operational planning has been underway in Copenhagen – UNHCR's global logistics hub – for a first aircraft bound for Quito. It will carry core relief items including some 900 tents, plastic sheets, 15,000 sleeping mats, kitchen sets and – in view of the Zika virus risk – 18,000 much-needed repellant-impregnated mosquito nets. UNHCR has already dispatched emergency stocks from its in-country stockpile by truck to Carchi, Esmeraldas, Manta and Pedernales. These include scores of tents, and plastic sheeting for hundreds of people. Updated (25th): The distribution of core relief items began on the 22nd. Items were loaded onto 16 trucks and transported over badly damaged roads to Santo Domingo, in the centre of the country, and will be taken today to three locations in Manabi Province: Manta, Pernales and Portoviejo.