European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection

4/20/20164/24/201659CompletedEuropean Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil ProtectionECHOGovernmentEuropean UnionAll affected areasSearch and rescue operations are still ongoing in the country. International USAR Teams from Chile, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Venezuela, El Salvador, Bolivia, Cuba and Spain(47 arriving late Monday) are performing specialized search and rescue efforts in the affected areas. ECHO has deployed two field experts to the affected areas, an associated expert to UNDAC team has been deployed to Ecuador already on 19 April through the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism. The Commission’s humanitarian experts are also on their way to the affected areas to assist in relief efforts and assess the need for further assistance”, said Christos Stylianides, EU Commissioner for humanitarian aid and crisis management. The EU Civil Protection Mechanism was activated upon the request of Ecuadorian authorities and the United Nations, requesting emergency assistance such as urban search and rescue teams (USAR) and night lights as well as expertise. According to the EU, the first deployments are already underway since the early hours of Monday, with the EU facilitating logistics and co-financing the transport of emergency assets to the affected areas. Moreover, advanced satellite imagery generated through EU’s Copernicus system is being provided to Ecuador to facilitate the assessment of damage in the areas around the epicentre and beyond. Updated (24th): no new information.; sent 48 rescuers, Colombia 50, Perú 35, México 120, Cuba 25, Chile 49 firemen, Bolivia 50 rescuers, Switzerland 3 experts, Spain 80 experts/120 mobile teamsEarly RecoveryCamp CoordinationAll affected areasEcuador-0.1865938,-78.5706225MD